Add software to web page?

by ezjob
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How do I add a software to my website so it will run from the site?

Who would I get to do this?

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    You need to be more specific. What software? Maybe show some examples.
    Your website is a software already ... so what do you want to run and where ?
    If on user desktop then the user has to install some executable file which he has to download first, so just place files do download with instructions on your website
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    Based on the way you asked the question, my feeling is that you probably can't add the software to your website.

    You should find a developer to help you.
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    I don't know if using the free web design software can give a desired output what I can have using a paid web design software like dreamweaver or templatetoaster.
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    I know this thread is from the beginning of the month but I didn't really see anybody give a detailed answer. Softwares that are run on a computer be it windows or mac are built using languages that compile to run on those specific platforms. Web applications are often designed using languages that run on websites. So as one of the replies stated if it was written in java, php, javascript or one of the compatible web languages then you would be able to run it on the website.
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      How do I transform it into a php or javascript platform?

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        Originally Posted by ezjob View Post

        How do I transform it into a php or javascript platform?

        Well, you already have it in one programming language. Just use this helpful tool -- -- and you will suddenly have it in the language of your choice! Almost like magic!

        Seriously though, transferring that functionality from a executable software to a web app would take a good amount of time and a good amount of knowledge. Certainly could be done, why not?

        But, from your original post, it sounds like it might not be up your alley to handle it yourself (no offense or anything! It would just be some relatively advanced stuff), so you would likely have to hire out for it. You would have to find someone that has knowledge of executables (which generally are written in a X, Y and Z languages) AND a knowledge of web developing (which generally use languages A, B and C).

        What I mean is that you would have to find someone with a broad knowledge and those dudes don't come cheap. I mean, I have a pretty strong grasp on a number of web languages - but installable software? I've got nothin'!

        It could happen, but you could also easily drop three or four grand hiring someone to do it. Is it worth it? What project would you be using it for?

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