If you use verification...do it right.

by Kurt
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This is a real pet peeve of mine. You buy software or an info product that requires it to check to make sure that you have a valid license. That's not the part that bothers me.

Here's what is...maybe the server that hosts the verification process is down or the owner has gone out of business and lets his/her domain expire, which results in customers not being able to use the product they paid for any more.

This is something just a little bit of logic by the developer can easily solve. First, the verification should be set up on two different servers so if one server goes down, check the next server. Verification doesn't take a lot of server resources, so there's really no excuse. Trade with a buddy if you have to, you host their verification, they host yours.

This is the logic that should be used for all verification:

1. Check if Internet connection is available. This can be done simply by seeing if Google.com can be accessed, as it's very unlikely Google will be down.

2. If Google can be reached, check if Domain 1 can verify license.

3. If Domain 1 can't be reached, Check Domain 2 to verify license.

4. If neither Domain 1 or 2 can't be reached, ALLOW ACCESS TO PRODUCT!

This is very simple from a programming point of view and there's no reason not to allow access if your verification servers can't be reached. Don't want to use two different servers? Then make is so if your first domain can't be reached the software will work.

It's your fault, not theirs that their licenses can't be verified. IMO, it's much better to give legit buyers access even if it means a pirate or two may also be able to use the product than to deny legit buyers access to "protect" your product from pirates. Give your paying customers the benefit of the doubt.

Here's the deal, in the very unlikely event that both hosts are down at the same time, let your customers use what they bought and paid for. It isn't like a lot of pirates will use your product at the exact same time both of your verification servers are down.

And if you do go out of business, and both servers will also be "down", isn't it better to let pirates use your product than deny legit buyers of your product not use it? You're out of business with the product, so what do you care? It's not the fault of the people that did give you money that you are now not selling your product any more.
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    Wow. What a great point, mister.

    Very well said. This one is an eye-opener.

    Sellers should really give the consumers the quality they pay cause they pay exactly what they are asking. There should be no fraud.
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    thank for your points
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