What is the use of SQL in websites designing? What is the main purpose of using SQL?

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What is the use of SQL in websites designing? What is the main purpose of using SQL?
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  • When you create interactive websites, SQL or database queries are used to store and retrieve data from databases to display on the website which is used to interact with site users.
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    In this SQL used to refer a database you use database,you use database in website store collected data you fetch the data back end database the spread of dynamic websites world wide web is largely due to the possibility due to their content handled through database
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    When you have large amount of data that you need to store and keep secure then you create database, to store that data. But to manage that data and perform operation on that data stored in the database, you need DBMS or Database Management System.

    DBMS is collection of software that are used to perform addition, subtraction, deletion and insertion operations on the database or in other words it manages the database. Example of DBMS are mysql and oracle etc.

    Now you have a database where the data is stored and the DBMS to manage the database, but to perform the deletion or insertion operations in the database, you also need a language which is called SQL. Structure Query Language (SQL) queries are used to perform different operations in the database. Without this language you cannot communicate with the database.
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    SQL is structured query language which is used to create website user database or data management system. In that case it also can be the question that what's the difference between SQL & MySQL?
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    SQL is used for storing data in a database, plain and simple. It is not associated with the aesthetic design of the website per se.
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    As an additional note to what has already been said, SQL is a standard and there are various dialects compatible with one or another database system, all sharing most things in common. However SQL can only be used with relational databases such as Postgres, MySQL, etc. Other, non relational database systems can be queried with SQL-like languages or entirely different ways.
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