WP site shows blank page after auto-update, need help

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Godaddy updated wordpress automatically, and since then only the navigation tab is visible. Rest all the pages are empty. My content and images have disappeared. However, in the dashboard of the website the content of each page is visible but it doesnt show up on the website.

What i've tried?
- I took a backup of the wp-content folder and reloaded it on the website through FTP. It did not solve the problem.
- I tried disabling all plugins and enabled them one by one to check if a plugin caused problem. But it did not help.
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    I think that the problem is in your template. Try to put a more modern template. Or use the debug mode to find the problem.
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      Originally Posted by wordpress+expert View Post

      I think that the problem is in your template. Try to put a more modern template. Or use the debug mode to find the problem.
      I think so too. I'd like to add the following: you could also try one of WP's own default templates. If these don't work either, then you can be pretty sure it's not a template issue.

      If another theme doesn't work either, you might want to re-install WP itself. You can do this very easily via Dashboard > Updates > click "Re-install Now" button. That once fixed an issue for me... probably because the update process screwed something up.
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    The above instructions are very useful - please try them first!
    If you get still same error - please try to downgrade your WP site - it's very easy. I have done it many times, work fine

    i. First of all download your old version of WP from https://wordpress.org/download/release-archive/
    ii. Unzip downloaded WP file
    iii. Login using FTP to your host and go to Public_HTML folder
    iv. Delete wp-admin and wp-includes folders from there
    v. Now upload all files and folders - except wp-content folder from your computer to your host Public_HTML folder
    vi. If you get an error like on FTP client like= "The target file already exists" - select "Overwrite" them all
    vii. After uploaded all files and folders, Make sure your FTP client not show any error like= "Failed transfer" any file
    viii. Now refresh your WP website - it should work fine now
    ix. But if you want to login to WP Dashboard you get a message like= Database Update Required - Don't worry - just click on button [Update WordPress Database]

    It should work fine

    Thanks and best regards,
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    While downgrading your website will solve the problem in short term, it should not be the solution.

    WP updates fix important security problems, you should therefore ALWAYS update to newer version. If your theme is incompatible you should upgrade/change your theme rather than downgrade.
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