PDF document with auto insert font text?? How to?

by astaga
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Wondering how to achieve something similar to what this site is doing:
Most Popular Free Fonts - FontSpace
Notice how a text entered into the box is shown in the selected font on screen?
How can I achieve this on a webpage where user can enter their name in a similar text box, and have their name automatically embedded into a one page drawing?

Any pointers, guidance, advise, or lead to where I can get this done is very much appreciated.

Many thanks,
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    If you monitor in i.e. Chrome Inspect what is happening in background you will see that it's a png file generated by a request to a server by ajax . So the server does rendering and creates temporary images and then ajax returns links to those images so they can be inserted in img src attribute .

    As for how to create an image with desired font it should be quite easy to google it . For sure you need some server side technology that can generate images ( i.e. PHP ). maybe start here :
    PHP: imagettftext - Manual
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