Is it possible to learn program on tablets?

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Is it possible to learn program on tablets?
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    I think it's definitely possible to learn about programming on a mobile device or tablet. You can do plenty of reading, watching videos on YouTube etc. A lot of the premium content providers such as TreeHouse, CodeSchool, Udemy etc have apps to make the experience better.

    However, I personally believe the best way to learn programming is by doing it! You really need to write some code, make it run, get frustrated when it doesn't work and understand what it is you are writing before it sinks in. Therefore, nothing beats a good old keyboard and screen combination. Not to mention you'll get all the environment requirements e.g. Text Editor / IDE, compilers, SDKs (depending on what you are learning to program) on your laptop/desktop. There are various text editors and environments you can use on your tablet to create programs. For example the AIDE IDE for Android ( You can have a look in your device's app store for other software, just search for "IDE". Personally, unless you have an external keyboard, I would find it too fiddly trying to writing code with a tablet's on-screen keyboard.

    In summary, tablets are good for reading up on some of the theory but you're going to struggle if you actually want to code something which is ultimately why you want to learn programming - right?
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    Yeah, it's possible, why not. But a lot harder as it's a lot easier to write code with a keyboard than with a touch screen.
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    Is it possible to learn program on tablets?
    Of course you can. There are a lot of online e-books, articles, you can download and read. Besides, nowadays, there are numerous online compilers available, such as Compile and Execute Programs Online| Online IDE So, learn the programming concept, and give it a try on online compiler. Good luck.
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    Maybe you can do it in a tablet. But I suggest you work with a higher specs of memory and processor like in computers and laptops.
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    Ofcourse , You can do it by reading documentary, listening tut or watching video about programing but when have to code, i think i prefer a keyboard to an onscreen-keyboard
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    Yes you may learn theoretical part on your tablet but to practise the exercises provided with those lectures would definitely need a computer. Usually video lectures are now available on apps for tablets/smartphones.
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    It's possible to learn programming even through podcasts
    But as It's been stated before, the best way is learning by doing.
    I lost so much time watching youtube videos and reading blog posts. But the truth is that if you want to code, just start coding.
    If you can do that on tablet, I don't see a problem!
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