Thinking About Going Back Into SQL Report Writing

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I work full time for a Health Company and have a couple of clients on the side in which I'm doing Social Media for. However, my job is very boring and am thinking about making a move to SQL Report Writing.

From 1998 to 2012 - I was writing queries against DB2 database and then moved onto Crystal Reports (SQL Server) - so it's like I've never done it before. However, the report writing (or being some sort of a Data Analyst) wasn't what I did full time - it was always part of my job.

So I'm thinking about going back into the field and I'm taking online classes as a refresher and playing around with things. I'm also practicing simple things like creating a relational database (Access).

My question as far as becoming a report writer / data analyst - isn't there more things to learn than just writing queries?
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