How to solve huge bandwidth consumption issues

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Hello experts.

Would like to get some opinions.

I currently host some of domains with hostgator (shared hosting) and recently got warning from hostgator:

"Unfortunately, a script running on your hosting was found to be causing server issues that negatively affected other users. We have been forced to place resource restrictions on your account at this time."

When I check the stats, some of my sites have huge bandwidth in:
- Authenticated Users section
Other logins (and/or anonymous users): 85 MB bandwidth

- Robots/Spiders visitors section
Unknown robot (identified by 'bot' followed by a space or one of the following characters _+:,.;/\-) : 254MB bandwidth
Unknown robot (identified by 'spider'): 48MB bandwidth
Unknow robot (identified by 'crawl'): 47MB bandwidth

The problem is, the IP is known, therefore I can't block them.

How do we solve this unwanted bandwidth and unknown IP and address ?

Hope to get some views and recommendations.

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    Use CloudFlare so at least you can offload some content and save bandwidth
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    You should code properly or use manage codes to make use of proper bandwidth. Always use licence softwares or scripts to avoid unnecessary use of bandwidth
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