How do I optimize my WP blog site for mobile?

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It appears that one of my blogs is not optimized for mobile. Can someone tell me how to make it so? ... (yes, I'm a Trekkie fan )

I've upgraded WP to the latest version, but I do have an older theme running which is no longer upgrade-able. Another site I upgraded that is using a newer theme is optimized for mobile, but I don't know how it came to be so.

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    Install Jetpack from your WordPress dashboard plugin page and In Jetpack setting enable mobile theme.
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    Hi, its good to use jetpack for wordpress but its never been able to make the whole site compatible for mobile devices, although you can hire some guys to fix this issue. or here i am available. I am wordpress developer.
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    jetpack is good WordPress dashboard plugin
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    I guess your theme is non-responsive. It will be better to switch to a new theme which have a good community support and constantly updated. You'll be getting security patches on earliest and large community support will ensure that the theme remains bug free. You may look at any of the top themes in WP section of Themeforest.
    Signature handles your WordPress site by doing all of the maintenance and technical work for you. Making backups, managing updates, maintenance, performance, security, SEO, etc.
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    Hi Sylvia,
    I think the theme you uses is not responsive mode, that means its not supported for all devices (i,e desktop, laptop, tab, mobile). It will be better for you if you switch to a new theme which have a good community support and constantly updated. You may contact with a web developer. Who will solve the matter forever.
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    You can try with JetPack and WPtouch Mobile Plugin.
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    The best solution for you is the wptouch mobile plugin. The plugin will convert your wp blog to a mobile theme with in seconds and it 7 themes which you can select a unique theme to apply it on your blog and If you want to try it out yes there is free version of this plugin available in wordpress.
    Note: If your theme is responsive then no need to use this like themes.
    If you planned to use this theme then you need to check this article about wptouch which will describe the each and every step from installing to creating a mobile theme
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    Hi Sylvia,
    Here is 6 Steps to Making Your WordPress Site Mobile-Friendly

    Step 1: Choose Your Hosting Service Carefully

    Any mobile-friendly changes you make to your site could be for naught if your hosting company provides slow and unreliable service. Pennies saved in choosing the cheapest hosting services available may turn out to be quite expensive in the long run.

    Step 2: Choose a Mobile-Friendly WordPress Theme

    The WordPress theme you choose serves as both the foundation and framework of your website. What type of theme is mobile-friendly? A fast theme. Loading speed is a key factor in making a site mobile-friendly, so a fast-loading, responsive theme is ideal.

    Look for themes that have been tagged as having a “responsive layout.”

    Step 3: Customize Your Content

    Structuring your content to be mobile-friendly is critical. What defines “mobile-friendliness” when it comes to content? In general, your content should be easy to view on small screens, and should be “finger-friendly” – easy to navigate by touch.

    Here are a few specific tips for making content mobile-friendly:

    Larger font sizes are better than smaller
    Buttons should be large in size, and isolated enough to easily tap with a fingertip without inadvertently hitting something else
    Lots of whitespace
    Short headlines
    Make content scannable: break text into lots of subsections with subtitles
    Position the most important info on a web page close to the top

    Step 4: Manage Plugins

    One of the great advantages WordPress offers is the wealth of plugins that are available. But plugins are so easy to add that website owners often end up with quite a collection. The result is that sites are often burdened with a number of plugins that aren’t really needed or useful.

    A proliferation of plugins can contribute to performance issues that can make your site less mobile-friendly. So stay on top of the plugins you’ve added to your site. Prune away those that aren’t really contributing to your site. And make certain that the plugins you use are kept up-to-date with the latest versions.

    Step 5: Optimize Images

    Images are an important component of your website’s content. But they can significantly slow the load time of your site, making it less mobile-friendly. You can help to counteract that problem by using plugins that work to optimize the loading of images.

    Some plugins worth considering for this purpose include:

    Image Pro
    CW Image Optimizer
    EWWW Image Optimizer
    PB Responsive Images

    Step 6: Test

    Once you’ve optimized your site to be mobile-friendly, test it. See how it performs on your own mobile devices. Does it load fast? Is it easy to navigate via touch screen? Does the text fit the screen?

    The greater the variety of mobile devices you can use in testing your site, the better. Ask friends and family to also check out your site on their devices. And be sure to find out whether your site rates a mobile-friendly thumbs-up from Google. You can easily use Google’s testing tool to evaluate your site for free.
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    Did you try Create a beautiful mobile version of your WordPress site I use it one theme and it is very easy and fast. But it is not free

    We handle all your WordPress Content,Theme and Plugins updates!

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    Wow, these recommendations are all over the map.
    You need a new theme, and indeed, "responsive" is the keyword to look for. Webpages need to look good on computers with standard size displays, as well as laptops, tablets, smart phones, and even some small phones. These screens are not only different sizes, but also different resolutions and aspect ratios. Brilliant designers have made modern themes that figure out (are "responsive" to) what the device size should be.

    It is pretty easy for you to install a couple new themes and try it. If your blog is pretty simple, I'm sure you can find attractive free themes, go with ones that were made recently, like 2015 or 2016. If your Wordpress has a lot of things going on like galleries, widgets, lots of pages, then one of the top 10 $60 themes with a layout manager is a better way to go.

    Let us know what you chose!
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    Use responsive theme or responsive your theme
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    I need to choose a good theme and install jetpack optimize for mobile
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