How to improve my current backlinking strategy?

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Hi everyone !
I am new on this forum so, I think it's the wright place for this post, but I am not sure about it, if it's not the case, I am sorry!
I began an internship 2 weeks ago, in a small company which purpose internship and accommodation all over Europe for students, and which is named eurasmus. My first task is to work on their Back link strategy, So this is what I put in practice:
- Creation of content with direct back link to the main site in order to purpose it to some website or forum of university student and expat or traveler.
- Creation of an Iconography also with direct back links integrated
- Creation of multiple social account with the link in the profile (Tumblr,FB,Insta,Twitter,Pinterest)
- Creation of a Blogger (where I published the previous article)
- Contact of University/Traveler (who have a blog or a site), forum about student/studying abroad/expat
- Publication of internship and accommodation on appropriate portal
What do you think of these ways of generating back links?
What could you suggest me to do it better and be more successful?
If you have any other idea and way to do some back links, I will be glad to heard about it!
Thank you very much for your time, and for your answers!
PS: for the moment this strategy doesn't seems to be really successful, even if, I know that the process could take some times!
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