Question About Optimize Press Integration With Wordpress

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Hello all,
I"m not sure this is the right topic here, but here goes.

I'm creating a membership site using Optimize Press and currently I'm using Aweber as my autoresponder.

I'm told that to integrate O.P. opt-in forms with the autoresponder, Aweber required double opt in and this can't be changed because it's part of their API. Now, I can create a list in Aweber, set it to single opt in, and paste the web form code in my page, that solution solves the problem I think.

However, O.P. are also telling me that when someone purchases, they will also be double-opt-in and there's no way around this.

This to me, just can't be the way it is. I can't imagine any business owner accepting that a buyer of their product, to get on the mailing list, would need to double opt in.

Any thoughts?
I really like O.P. and want to continue using it for my membership site, but now I'm wondering.

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