Advise on how to develop a drag and drop kind of programming

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I want to create a program that users can drag and drop elements around in it and then be able to consolidate at the end for printing. Sort of like shutterfly but with distinct differences. Are there any programming tools out there that can help with something like this? I have some great ideas that will go great with my photo business but I lack the programming skills.
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    Hey there photogirl33!
    Need a little more information to help you out:
    - Did you want this to be a web-based only app?
    - Have you got your program flow mapped out somewhere?
    - Are you looking to develop this yourself or look for someone to help you develop it?
    - What's your budget like?
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    I'm planning on it being more cloud based. I'm still working out the action model but it's getting close. One good start would be creating something similar to Shutterfly. As I'm new to programming I'm more looking for a good place to start, I know this project isn't going to happen overnight. My budget is quite small right now but I'm looking into a couple of possible funding sources.
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    Jquery (javascript library) and ajax was the way to do it on a web page 10 years ago. There are probably packages and new native HTML5 techniques now.

    Depends on what you want to drag, and what you want to save after dragging.
    If you are dragging furniture around a room, then you want to save position in a frame.
    If you are dragging items in a list, that is sorting.
    If you are dragging multiple things into a box, that is a collection.

    Look at these low level Jquery examples, and you can search for more "drag and drop" or "drag and drop jquery", "drag and drop HTML5" etc.
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