Help Please... What Files Can I delete?

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Hi guys. I don't know where my post went, I posted yesterday in Warrior Help Forum but it got erased I guess.

Can someone help me on this please:

I used over 25% of CPU at HostGator and I need to delete some stuff, but I already deleted as much as possible without having to delete my Addon Domains in File Manager in my CPanel.

Does anyone know of a folder or files I can delete to gain space back to my account? I looked for backups I have done to erase those but I do not see them in File Manager nor in FTP.

So I'm static until I erase something...I just don't know what.

Please allow me to post this thread as I need help.

Does anyone know of a folder or files that I can delete (I realize nobody knows my folders & files but I'm hoping someone can give me an idea or something)?

Thank you,
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    Have you ever considered contacting the support people at Host Gator? Don't you think that might be your best option.

    How would anyone here know which files are the highest needed for what you are running?

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    Yeah this isn't the right place to ask, and you haven't provided us with enough details to really help anyway. You should contact host gator support as a first step.

    Also your CPU has nothing to do with your storage capacity, so it being at 25% doesn't mean anything.

    I'm part of the Warrior Forum team, hit me up with any suggestions that could help improve the forum!

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    Oh ok cool thanks.

    That was my first step, why do you think I came here haha

    Yeah Frank, I mentioned that: "(I realize nobody knows my folders & files but I'm hoping someone can give me an idea or something)"

    I had to try, I thought since they are the ones behind the desk, they can tell me a certain folder like a known .php that everybody knows about that is a lot of KB but still can be erased....

    I realize now, after going to both places, I'll just wing it. haha I've had plenty of practice at that

    Ok thank you guys for the responses

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    In future, if you need, you can check your disk usage under cPanel->Files->Disk Usage
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