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One of the upcoming offerings on my Games on Horses is to generate game cards based on a user selection. I would like your suggestions on a strategy to print them given that some of my visitors will have duplex printers and others will not.

Because the cards will need to be laminated, the print strategy must print on both sides of the paper.* Further, because I want to print four cards per standard sheet of paper (since lamination sheets are so expensive), I have to match the verbiage on the back of the card with the picture on the front. So I will need to place the verbiage for the picture that is in the upper left quadrant on the front of the page in the upper right quadrant on the back. Or for the sheet, to use spreadsheet terminology, front is A:1, A:2, B:1, B:2 but the corresponding back is A:2, A:1, B:2, B:1.

Further complicating the issue is that I can sequence the pages front-back-front-back for duplex printers, but those of us that can print only one-sided will not only have to skip every other page for the front side, but then have to turn the printed pile over and reverse the order before printing the back. An alternative is to print the fronts as a set and the backs as a separate set but that complicates the life of the duplex printer owner (and the software developer [ me ] ).

There has got to be a better way -- or at least a better means to explain the the user how to print their cards.

What do you think is a workable strategy?



* That is, I cannot print the front of the cards on one sheet of paper and the back of the card on another because not all (if any) laminators can handle that.
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    While I've seen such configurations on the Print Preview page (i.e., Only print even/odd pages, Reverse order, etc.), it's admittedly a stretch to try to walk people through this, especially since it's different for every single printer driver, every operating system, etc. I can see this becoming a support nightmare.

    On the other hand, you can more easily generate several different PDF's based on their request, (duplex, fronts only, backs only, backs reverse order, etc.). I think where you're getting hung up is that you seem to be considering different views of a single PDF, rather than just generating different dynamic PDF's on-the-fly from your database.
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