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Hi Friends,

Any one here can explain importance of cloud based web application or getting your business moved to cloud and how ?

Thank You.
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    Originally Posted by suntechapp View Post

    Hi Friends,

    Any one here can explain importance of cloud based web application or getting your business moved to cloud and how ?

    Thank You.
    What exactly are you looking for your business? Why do you think that cloud based web applications will suit your needs?
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      What i know about cloud app is a cloud app, unlike a Web app, can be used on board an aircraft or in any other sensitive situation where wireless devices are not allowed, because the app will function even when the Internet connection is disabled. In addition, cloud apps can provide some functionality even when no Internet connection is available for extended periods (while camping in a remote wilderness.

      What i want to discuss about that a difference between a web applications(which we can access through browser) and a cloud applications and why & when i should move my web apps to cloud.

      Thank You.
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    first of all web based or cloud base app both used internet to run. you can't connect cloud app without internet. cloud app based means they stored your data in different servers not in a particular one.

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      David can you elaborate more on this please, why, when, how to move to cloud.
      Thank you.
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        For example, when you store files in the cloud what basically happens is they get stored on another computer somewhere, and not on your physical computer.

        A cloud app is basically an application (program) that runs on another computer/server somewhere, and is not bound to your physical machine. When you create the interface a client will use, the interface is very lightweight and usually only queries the app for information and displays is.

        An internet connection is needed to create this link.
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    In the past, people would run applications or programs from software downloaded on a physical computer or server in their building cloud computing allows people access to the same kinds of applications through the internet.It increases efficiency, helps improve cash flow and offers many more benefits.

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    Moving an application to the cloud simply means running the app “somewhere” on the internet other than on your own servers. And of course, there are multiple options. You could build your app using your own platform and deploy the entire app-platform bundle to a cloud infrastructure.
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    Web application: The program code is stored on the server and which is accessed through a web browser.
    Cloud Application: all the data is stored on the different server and also the application logic is processed over the sever. Can be cached locally for full-offline mode.
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