What is bootstrap? What is the advantage of bootstrap?

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Bootstrap, a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development. It is open source framework for development. Define the advantage of bootstrap ?

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    Bootstrap is best when you need to build websites fast and need responsiveness. It is best for quick prototyping or small projects.
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    Originally Posted by Justinspencer View Post


    Bootstrap, a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development. It is open source framework for development. Define the advantage of bootstrap ?

    The Bootstrap framework is feature rich and offers several benefits:
    1: Easy to Use
    2: Responsiveness
    3: The Speed of the Development
    4: Customizable Bootstrap
    5: Consistency
    6: Support
    7: Packaged JavaScript Components
    8: Simple Integration
    9: Grid
    10: Pre-styled Components

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    Bootstrap framework allows basically for rapid, responsive development that is consistent and well supported by the development and design community.

    Creative Designer and Developer !

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      Bootstrap is responsive, mobile-first, prevailing, and front-end framework, which is developed along with CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Bootstrap has many benefits from scratch for every web development project, and one such reason is the huge number of resources accessible for Bootstrap.
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    The positive features were mentioned already, therefore I would like to point out that bootstrap has also some disadvantages. The CSS file is rather big and creates lots of overhead, which may lead to a reduced loading time. However, in most cases this won't be an issue or at least not a critical. You should just keep that in mind.
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    I think the most important advantage is the frequent updates bootstrap releases more updates than any other framework. With Bootstrap updates are released consistently and frequently, you can rest assured that you are working with the latest tools.
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    I use Bootstrap a lot. Also use the new SiteMush website builder now from the guys behind Softaculous. SiteMush is responsive too.

    But yes, Bootsrap is great. Version 4 is coming soon.
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  • I think the major advantage Bootstrap has over other Frontend Frameworks is "mind share" - the majority, if not practically all site designers are aware of the concept of "Bootstrap".

    Therefore there are is a much larger foundation for plugins and easily adding features. You can

    For example, I actually just added Bootstrap DateTimePick on my personal site (www.KamesCG.com) just yesterday. I built my website using Drupal's Bootstrap Theme Foundation, so in less than an hour was able to find, understand and integrate the Bootstrap add-on in about 1-2 hours.

    In other words I think the greatest strength of Bootstrap is the level of attention and support it's received from around the world. Every framework now'a'days is responsive, uses a grid, has bonus feature, etc... What makes Bootstrap great is everything supporting it.
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    It's realy nice and fast to work with it. It is used a lot for one page presentations. The screen is divided into 12 columns. You divide each row on parts of 12 (for example 3 columns, each 4 columns wide). Then you simply put content into the frame. Oh and responsiveness is already built in. I like it!!!
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    Bootstrap is an open-source Javascript framework developed by the team at Twitter. It is a combination of HTML, CSS, and Javascript code designed to help build user interface components. Bootstrap was also programmed to support both HTML5 and CSS3.

    Also it is called Front-end-framework.

    Bootstrap is a free collection of tools for creating a websites and web applications.

    It contains HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions.

    Some Reasons for programmers preferred Bootstrap Framework

    Easy to get started

    Great grid system

    Base styling for most HTML elements(Typography,Code,Tables,Forms,Buttons,Imag es,Icons)

    Extensive list of components

    Bundled Javascript plugins
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    Another advantage is its popularity. Nowadays so many CMS templates are based on it that you learn it once and can customize almost any theme.
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    Bootstrap is a great tool to prototype a website, create wireframes etc. But, with years of using it, I have found myself building your own css is much faster.

    After a few sites made on Boostrap, I have started just using their grid css (imported with LESS/SASS) and build my own css on it.
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    Bootstrap is a used for front end development and using bootstrap for web application development provides you following advantages:
    1. It speedup application development because you do not have to develop everything from scratch.
    2. It allow you to develop a responsive design.
    3. It allow the developed to choose the required features and toss aside the required features.
    4. Even new comers can easily learn it because of well written document
    5. You can easily receive help because bootstrap has a large community of developers
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    Bootstrap is most popular html,css and java script framework for developing responsive, mobile friendly websites.
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