Frontend video & form upload and storage/retrieval

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Hi. Would appreciate some advice on this.

I'm looking for a solution along the following lines but I'm a bit turned around on how to do this.

I need a way whereby visitors to a page can upload a form and a video into some kind of video cloud storage, and where I'll be able to, on the backend, connect the video and the form and also be able to view the video. It's not a streaming or sharing site per se or anything along those lines. It's a situation where the visitor uploads a form with some details about themselves and then uploads a video and I am then able to peruse those videos on the backend; know who each video comes from, i.e., so it's connected to the form submission in some way; and am able to view the videos in the backend without having to download each one first.

I could have the videos, I suppose, upload into my host's server, but I think that is going to cause problems down the line if I'm using server space for storage. I know there is S3 and cloud storage and things like that but I'm really confused about them and whether/and how they will fit my purposes. Does anyone know of any kind of solution or process that would fit my use case above?
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