how to integrate my opt-in form with getresponse

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I had my website with an opt-in form coding manually by java script(not base on any drag-and-drop platforms like wordpress or wix..etc) . And now, i want all the data my customers filled in will instantly forward to my getresponse account (kind of an auto-email-sending program). I'd like to know can i do that?, and how can i do that? thanks in advance.
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    Create a form in get response, copy the html code and add it to your Web page.

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      Thank you for your suggest, but the problem is that i've already had a form coding by javascript, and by some way, i don't wan't to change the form. Therefore, im looking for a solution to connect that coding form with my getresponse account. Can you help me out with this ?
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    You can still keep the appearance and client-side functionality (JavaScript). All you need to do is to ensure that you retain all of the input fields (visible and hidden) in some fashion. In other words, your input fields do not have to look like theirs, but they do still need the same names. Then, make sure that the GET or POST (preferred) still gets sent to their URL, and you should be good to go.
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    You will do it with 2 ways:
    First, you go to and create a form with Plain HTML, it will generate a html code for you and you. Ok, you copy it to the notpad++ and see the information in the html code such as: action (of the form), the input hidden fields.

    Second, you need customize your existing html code with action and input hidden fields

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      Many thanks,
      In fact, If i do set up the system in early, i would normally use the first way, because it seems like demanding not much knowledge in programming. But the system has been underway for a while, therefore i have no choice but choosing the second one. Hmm, maybe outsourcing seems to be the goodway.
      Thank you so much.
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