Whats The Process of Creating A Cloud Based App For Internet Marketing ?

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Hello Warriors
I know only few people know the secret to this question, but i was wondering if any one would like to guide me through the process of creation. i have some products ideas and i would like to know how to start the process.
here are the exemple of cloud based Apps: Instamate, youzign, MailX, interOptin, instamake etc...

Anyone ?
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    Its a pretty broad question.

    A cloud based app is really the same as any other web based application but it just happens to be running in "the cloud" which has become such an overused buzz word imo.

    If you're not a developer (and I'm assuming you're not). Then you would need to outsource the development of your application and then get someone to deploy it for you.

    And finally all developers are not created equal. Be careful who you choose and make sure you have a clear specification of what you want and have project milestones along the way to check progress.
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      So i get the product created, then get some company to deploy it in their cloud platform ?
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    Heroku is a cloud-based service that offers a single platform to configure, deploy, run, and, most importantly, scale web applications.

    Creative Designer and Developer !

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    I have a marketing and programming background. I did the former for 10 years. I have spent the last two brushing up my coding skills, specifically Laravel.. I get a ton of product ideas, always have. But lately I'm more interested in coding for whatever reason. Anyway, it sounds like in your post you wanted to explore the idea of possibly working with someone with your ideas?

    With my marketing background (10+ years 1995 to 2005 on the warrior forum!) I know how to make stuff that sells, and no w I can code pretty good too. Would be interested in discussing some possilibilites with you.
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    There is no secret, there is industry behind cloud. You specify very different apps and clouds architecture for those apps are very different.
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    You can hire someone to build it or learn how to build it on you own.

    It sounds like you're asking how to build your own. If so, you need somewhere between several months and several years (or more) or study and practice to be able to build your own.

    Coder Camps has an online course that costs $12,000 and takes 6 months that would be a good start. Or you can get a web development degree like the one ASU offers (maybe $50,000+ and 4 years?)

    php, javascript, Ruby (Ruby on Rails) and Python (Django) are easier to learn than java or c#, so you could learn them on your own using pluralsight and reading the documentation but it'll still likely take you years to develop the skills to build a web app that can support lots of users.

    It's not really the kind of thing you can learn from an IM forum.
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