How do you find clients for your developer services ?

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And what do you think of referral and networking, where to find them ?
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    to find the client isn't an easy or hard thing, it needs some of your skills and you must be smart, let me give you an example to understand me, if you made a candle and you want to find your first client, so you need to know where to find people who care about candles then suggest to them your product, try to make videos about your product share it on youtube and social media, do some advertises specially on social network like facebook
    there are many tricks and tips to share your products and get clients but hope that you find my reply is helpful for your start
    and you welcome
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    Business companies optimize their website for the searching engines in order to increase their brand visibility and product sales, but they also use social media channels to promote traffic to their website. If you want to increase your website traffic, then you also need to make your website SEO friendly, because when users launch a website then design is the first thing they look at in order to judge the business company. If the website has a poor design then users do not look around in the website and they find an alternative website.
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