What tools do you use for Wordpress Development?

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I am new to Wordpress programming. Want to write or customize a plugin for a client, and just want to know where to start. Any good tutorials, resources, tools etc that you recommend to start working on such a project? I know PHP and lots of other stuff, but did not do anything for Wordpress that far.
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    To handle our website, Space-O Technologies, we do use following tools.
    1. Dreamwever
    2. Sublime text

    Yuvrajsinh is a Growth Strategist at Space-O Technologies.

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    1. Sublime Text editor tool
    2. Dreamweaver
    3. Xampp/Wamp server
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    Xamp/Wamp server is the basic tool you need in your system to run and compile the program.
    Simple notepad can be use to perform coding but if you demand for tool then for Dreamweaver or notepad++.
    To learn wordpress coding visit wordpress codex section. A perfect place to get wordpress coding solution.
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    • Notepad++
    • Wamp
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  • Thanks for the feedback. Let me know, I am familiar with XAMPP. Is Wamp doing basically the same thing? Are there any advantages, or just a matter of personal preference?
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  • Just wondering if anybody knows this tool here:
    Sounds interesting, but just wondering if anybody has a feedback on it.
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    I use Edit Plus. Makes programming much easier. https://www.editplus.com/
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    I use:

    Desktop Tools:
    Atom - As my code editor
    Git - (BitBucket, free for private repo, for git hosting)
    FileZilla - For quick ftping stuff

    WordPress Tools:
    1. CMB2 Class for adding any type metaboxes, you can say it is like Advance Custom Fields, but you write via code, very easy to manage and add add custom meta boxes

    2. Genesis Framework when I am building WP theme, I mostly build child theme for Genesis framework. https://mohsinrasool.com/genesis-fra...-what-why-how/

    3. If Genesis Framework is not option for any given project, I make theme using this WP official starter theme so core is fully robust and helps me get started on the project features without worrying all WP specific details:

    4. If i have lot of WP admin stuff to do like automating somethings via command line, I use WP CLI, it helps when you feel limited by HTTP limits, CLI is your friend http://wp-cli.org/

    PS. Forgot to add that I stopped using WAMP/LAMP/MAMP and have been using Laravel's valet, it takes any folder in your root directory and create .dev domain like for a project, mywebsite .. url will be mywebsite.dev . It really helps to keep all stuff organized with own custom domain on dev machine which is breeze to replace with actual domain in the end. No more sub-folder mess in htaccess file.

    https://laravel.com/docs/5.4/valet It was originally made for laravel dev but works without any issue for Wordpress dev.
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    Dreamwever and xampp/wamp server is very useful
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    Well if you know PHP and other stuff as you mentioned, then its not very difficult for you to begin with, but off-course a right tool can help you boost and enlighten your coding experience, personally i user and prefer to use Phpstorm (its premium) but if you want to use free tool similar to phpstrom then you can use netbeans.

    Sublime is also good tool but I always prefer IDE's which makes a programmer life easier.
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    I prefer Dreamweaver & Wamp server that's enough.
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