Which is the best server side language?

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Server side front end and back end language that can be learned from the scratch as well as a little easier than other.
for DevOps engineers which scripting language is best in the future?
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    PHP is the best server side programming language..
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    depends what you need to do, php not bad but it`s an old language with many qwirks otherwise python is simple but not as used and you can also use some compiled language if you want speed
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    php without any doubt ... i think almost older is better than younger
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    php is the best server side scripting language.
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    I have read many of answer here and most have some really good advice. i had agree that the consensus language of java script are where you should look first.. If you are using IIS and Windows, you will be using Asp.Net.
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    Python and Python and Python,
    it is easier it is server side (also client side,only matter is how you run it )
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    So i have Python or PHP to choose.if say guys mention few more pros and cons of this languages i could get to an conclusion.
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    In my opinion node js is the best and very fast.
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    If you're looking for a language that will help you get a prototype up and running, consider Python, Ruby or Node.js.
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    Till now, it's a PHP.
    One of the simplest and easiest server side programming language. Using W3schools website you can learn the basics of this programming technology and for expert coding guidelines go to their official docs.
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