What is the difference between Excel and Access?

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Which of them allows deleting duplicates, checking for duplicates, pulling particular info such as the number of employees
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    The basic differance between Excel and Access is that excel works on data analysis and Access works on data management. Excel is easy to generate sharable output and Access works on database management wiyh multiple users.
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    Excel and Access are two applications from the software giant,excel is also a lot easier to learn since it is meant to be used by a lot of people.Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application by Microsoft. It deals with the tabular data by using spreadsheets.
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    Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application. This type of software is suited for dealing with data through columns/rows. It communicates well with other applications in order to present data.

    Microsoft Access is a database application that deals with structured data. It outputs it through different means.

    Both can be used to analyze data. In Excel you can use formulas to achieve what you want.
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    An Excel table contains rows and columns of cells in a flat file. Each line in the table contains one record. In Access you can store data in more than one table and create relationships between table data in order to perform complex queries. With Access you also can link to data in larger, external SQL (structured query language) databases.
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