Site hacked and hacker deleted my entire directory

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My site was hacked and the hacker deleted my entire directory containing 8 domains. I asked my host to do a full backup but the last automatic backup that was performed was 2 hours after my domains was hacked.

My host only do one automatic backup a week and they overwrite the one before it... My sites are still indexed on google with the url but when you click on the links it goes to a blank site. What is my option now since I don't have any backup anywhere.

Is there a way to strip the content from google and create new directory. I have no idea what I should do next, I am at a loss.
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    If the server people dont have a backup, the only option is to find a backup in the developer system.

    Sorry, but there is no other option
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    Sorry to hear about your sites! Just as Evoluer is saying, if there is no backups, you have to restart everything. Be sure to learn from this, always have offline backups of your sites on your hard drive and preferrably, a backup of your hard drive as well. Hope you can get back up without too much difficulties.
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    If all else fails

    Lookup your websites in the waybackmachine and see what is still available there. See ->
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