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I plan to sell customized templates and I want to show the customer examples of working templates so they can see dropdown menues, mouseover effects etc.

What can I do to prevent someone just downloading the whole thing? I thought about iframe with bit.ly but the guys who no there stuff would just need to copy and paste the bit.ly link and they get it. Is there any encryption option? A free solution would be best

Thanks in advance.
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    You could create subfolders or directories, then upload each website to their respected folder, and just add link pointing to those templates. Nobody will be able to download the webiste as it is on a server.

    If you were using joomla:

    Have a look at some web design website for joomla, most of them have a demo sites for their template.

    Is it helpful?
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    Create camtasia-style demo videos and use those.
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      Thanks everybody.

      The video idea is great I will stick with that. For further demonstration I will use photos maybe in combinations with a downloadble pdf file.

      As for the subfolders there are many progs that download whole website including all neccesary css/images files etc.

      Are there any free gallery scripts like carussel and lightbox and bigger hovering thumbnails on mouseover?
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