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need advice:
Should learning AngularJS or NodeJS before is better?
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    We all know angularJS and Node JS are different frameworks and both are to build web applications using Java Script...AngularJS and NodeJS are two of the most popular leading JavaScript Application Frameworks..It is blessed with MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture.AngularJS is basically an open source web application framework...

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    AngularJS and NodeJS do two different things. Angular is used in the frontend while Node is used in the backend.
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    Well it depends what's your goal or what do you want to build. Do you know any other programming language?
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      I'm quite proficient in html, css. I also worked with jquery. Also I have learned and practiced with php
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    Node.js is for backend programming. Servers, etc.

    Angular.js is for client side programming. It helps in the look and feel of the website.

    I personally chose node.js as i was interested in that.

    Choose according to your interests and strengths.
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      I like both but I'm wondering which one to choose first. I see both are using javascript code so do not know the relevant strengths.
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    Originally Posted by alexkorolev View Post

    need advice:
    Should learning AngularJS or NodeJS before is better?
    Since with jquery you have already been working on the front side (what readers actually see on a web page) I would think you would be better of going with a front end framework.

    The big three front end frameworks are Reactjs Vuejs and AngularJS

    AngularJS has recently had some changes that have made it less popular. It was completely rewritten in the last year or two so a lot of code examples online from before that will be wrong and will not work

    VueJs is picking up serious steam and many developers are moving from angular to it. Its much simpler to learn and much easier to add to an existing web page than angular.

    ReactJs has a huge ecosystem similar to Angular is backed by Facebook and doesn't have the confusion of angular js has with new versions and obsolete training online.

    If you are looking to get a job I would go with reactjs or angular and since I think that angular has made bad moves recently I would choose react js

    If you are programming for your own projects and don't care about job market then Vuejs is much easier to pick up.

    Important thing to understand about front end frameworks - they have nothing to do with whats going on in the back end. you can use php on the back end with mysql and still use any of the frameworks I mentioned in the project or you could use none and mongo.

    You can create the user interface of android and Ios apps with React native and ahve yoru backend in jsut about any majro language you want to use

    Thats why you knowing jquery and HTML and css it might be better for you to learn now a frontend technology and that frees you to learn anything you prefer on the backend - node, php, c#, go , ruby or python etc

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    They're not comparable.
    NodeJS for backend: handle incoming http request, save data to database etc
    Angular for frontend: create http request with ajax, decide what should be displayed in the browser, client routing etc.
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    I think now if you want to choose Angular it is better to go with React because it became popular and most of the projects are required in React and mobile in React Native. If you want to learn a backend so Node.js would be a good choice.
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    It depends what you wish to do, but i would start with nodeJS if you already know a language well for the front end.
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    You can learn both the languages, but i suggest you start first with Angular Js and then add node. js for server side programming. Angular.js is front end framework. It can be used with any back end like PHP, Ruby with Rails, and also Javascript Node.js, Node.js is server side
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