Need traffic bot software (that seems human!)

by SMMbiz
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I need software to let me send "traffic" / "visitors" to website pages.

~Must look human to analytics, not like a bot.
~Must be able to set it to have return visitors (must be able to make the same "visitor" return to the website weeks later.)
~Must be able to get the "visitor" to stay on the page for a set amount of time, and then click to another page or two.
~Must be able to set the locations (major cities across the USA and EU).
~Must be able to delay the click or bounce so that visitor numbers show up on articles with a splash page that forces people to wait to see the article, like on Forbes' contributor articles.
~Traffic looks human to Alexa.
~Can specify the origin of the traffic (Facebook, Twitter, etc. or Google via specific search criteria).
~Can set it to automatically click a specific link in the article and follow the link through to another website, then click another link at that website.
~I can set the amount of traffic and amount of repeat visitors, and how much/quickly I want the traffic to decrease, over time.

Any suggestions? I only need to do it for about 50 links per day. Thanks!
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    Hope you have deep pockets, because this bot won't be cheap.

    Btw, if anyone will offer to build this for you for a low price, don't take their offer. Cheap bots won't be able to do most of the stuff you listed.

    What you want is definitely doable, but it's not a small project.
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      Thanks for the advice. How much do you think it will cost to make this? What part of what we need is the part that will be expensive / hard to make?
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        The reason this will be expensive is that there is no way to know exactly what the target sites will use to detect and block bots.

        A basic bot will walk right into a bot trap, so you need a sophisticated bot that will avoid all possible detection and traps.

        Then, your bot must be able to fool view-ability measures, mimicking human behavior patterns. This is not trivial.

        If a developer will guarantee to deliver a bot that will fulfill all the requirements you listed, he will have to build a "super bot".

        If I had to give you an estimated price for this project, I'd even charge you for the estimate, because I would have to spend time on researching what it will take to do this correctly.

        This is my honest opinion. And, I think I already provided you some value here for free by sharing this with you.
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