What's Best Way to Create an Online Database?

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Hi fellow Warriors,

What i'd like to do is create an online 'Private Members' site where members can go into it and enter details Name, Address or Phone Number and a comment.
It will need to be accessed from several different sites that's why i wanted to make it online (instead of downloadable software) & that way it's easy to block out non-payers too.
Also, if possible for it to have 2 User levels in it: i) an ADMINISTRATOR level who can make changes & delete information, & ii) a General User level who can only add comments.

Haven't got a clue how to build this online. I'm familiar (kind of) with Wordpress, not so familiar with Joomla but was wondering if i could use either to build this online database (or whether there is a specific plugin or even just ready-made software that i can use). The only script i currently have that sets membership/user levels is Butterfly Marketing Script.

Any help, ideas....please.
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    If it was me, I would use SQL to create two tables, one for Administrator-level members and one for General members. Then, I would build a program that ties into the SQL database, something along the lines of, If they are in the Administrator table, they get these permissions, and if they are in the General Members table, they get these permissions. Sorry I'm not real familiar with Wordpress or Joomla.
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    Hi Tommy

    There are a number of ways that you could accomplish this. There are membership plugins and components for both WordPress and Joomla that would meet your requirements for different permission levels. Joomla also has a number of components that allow you to create a custom database - in fact you could pull the whole thing off using Joomla and other open source components like SOBI, Facile Forms, AEC and Community Builder and it wouldn't cost you a dime (unless of course you had someone else do this for you).

    Having said that there are also merits to building a custom design with PHP and MySQL (although NOT in the fashion wirelessgeek described, there are much better ways to lay out a database) if the need warranted - personally I do this a lot but then again it is my field of expertise. Since you have indicated that it is not your field of expertise it could get expensive to hire a programmer to do it from scratch.

    You could also use a combination of an "off the shelf" Joomla or WordPress design with some custom coding to put your site together. This would have the advantage of being exactly what you want without a lot of expensive coding, you'd also have the publishing power of WordPress or Joomla behind your design as well.

    If you need help with any of this please feel free to PM me.

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    Thanks Bill & WirelessGeek. I'll have a look at these methods now. Although i'm more familiar with WordPress, i do have some good Joomla tutorial videos somewhere. Time for me to get watching them.....& thanks Bill for the recommended Joomla plugins. I'll take a look now. Many thanks.
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