Scraping Subscription-Videos From Wistia Based on Known Related Information

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I don't have a clue about this, just a faint idea, most likely fantasy.

So I'm wondering if it's possible to scrape for more videos if one already have 3-4 URL's with videos from the same subscription site? So I see many denominators which is a part of every videos html code, so if there was a way to scrape Wistia URL's based on 3-4 common denominators, would one be able to get access to the rest of the videos?<insert_video_address_here> + some html code that one can find for every video = possibility to retrieve every video (not PW protected, it's just to paste the wistia url in the browser and start watching) based on the set criteria?

Probably not, but I thought I'd let someone who knows answer it instead of me.

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    Yeah, it's possible. You should look into some Python libraries like Scrapy, Selenium or Requests.
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      Thanks man, very much appreciated.

      Hopefully it won't require some high end coding skills, but I could outsource that part if needed.
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