How to create an app?

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I have designed all of the pages however don't know what the next step is.

The app requires users to be able to create their own group, then generate a code to allow friends to join the same group. I know that I need some sort of list manager to store the data but I don't know where to start.

In addition it needs to be able to send emails and send push notifications.

Can anyone provide a bit of guidance.
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    The requirement needed by you is 100% coding practices to follow and you will get more accurate answers from stackoverflow. Just start away with alphabets and refer questions through Google. Definitely you will keep progressing.

    I didn't said Warrior Forum can't answer this question. I said you will get more better and coding examples of different aspects when similarly search through Google and Stackoverflow.. Just you have to start your coding.

    Hope this helps.
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    You are either going to have to learn web programming or hire someone.

    Your project is going to involve Post submissions from forms saved to a database and associations within that database that link certain users to certain groups. It will also need actions and listening for events to send emails etc.

    The good news is that though learning programming still requires time and commitment to learning its not as hard as several years ago. A good framework (Rails for Ruby or Laravel for PHP) will give you a lot that you need.

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    send emails and send push notifications
    There are lots of resource for notification,just you have to arrange customized code as like your needs and connect notification cloud directory such as Firebase.
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    If you are serious about that app better hire someone.There is no way you can put any quality in it with your level of programming skills.If you don't want to hire or learn , you can find a way to sell designs if you are good at that.

    Good luck
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    How To Build A Mobile App In 12 Easy Steps
    Step 1: Set a Goal.
    Step 2: Sketch your Ideas.
    Step 3: Research, research, and then research some more.
    Step 4: Wireframe
    Step 5: Start Defining the Back End of Your App
    Step 6: Check Your Model
    Step 7: Get Building
    Step 8: Design the Look
    Step 9: Test Your App, AGAIN
    Step 10: Modify and Adjust if require
    Step 11: Beta Testing
    Step 12: Release Your App with huge promotion
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    Let's take it simple. Why don't you use such a helping tool like appypie?
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    Try tutorials based on Firebase. It easier to handle and manage. You can easily do email campaigns, generate referral links based on your Firebase data.

    Personally, I will ask users to subscribe and then fetch email IDs to services like SendGrid, MailGun etc
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    It is vital for you to be good at coding, if you want to build an app yourself. But you can also hire a developer for you who will make everything you want. I would like to recommend you to check out the article from for more info on how mobile apps are made. Hope you will find my reply here helpful. Good luck with it
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