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Dear Forum Members,

this is a rather general question regarding setting up a Membership Site with DAP ( and WordPress.

I have tried to get a DAP powered membership site up and running. In order to offer a credit system for my members, I am using the DAP addon "Credit Store".

So far, I managed to install and configure DAP and Credit Store and created membership levels and digital products.

However, I am facing technical issues and bugs for almost one year now. DAP Support did not manage to resolve the issues, neither. Now, I have the impression that the DAP membership plugin does not work properly in my scenario. For some reason, I could not find any running live site that successfully is running DAP and Credit Store.

Thus, I am asking you for your feedback and help. Does anybody of you have DAP and Credit Store on a live site and managed to get it running without any issues? Has anybody made similar experiences?

Thanks a lot for your support!
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    Hello SilverSunrise,

    Feeling sorry to know your experience regarding this issue. I do not know that DAP might be a one-man company. I have never used and never know the name of this plugin. First time I am hearing.

    Right at this moment, I cannot say anything. But I believe you have already invested some money in it. So you could find any third party developer to solve your issue.

    Beside this, I can suggest you that you can try with WooCommerce Membership plugin. It is been developed by a company called SkyVerge. You can get it from the woocommerce product page.

    Best of luck

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    I don't know how if the developer who developed DAP can't help you how anyone here would be able to. Frankly I think most people would be far better off with a membership system programmed in PHP (without Wordpress), Ruby or Nodejs.

    Then you (or your developer if you can't program) can develop whatever you want.

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      Dear Mike,

      thanks for your reply! I guess that the support team of them is not well instructed and prepared for providing sufficient technical support. I still hope that my tickets will get escalated to the core developer. At least they should be able to assist.

      I think I get your point with standalone solutions. I have the impression, that membership sites based on Wordpress don't have the prerequisites to offer a good performance when it comes to loading times, etc. However, delevoping our own membership software is by far out of our financial scope.

      As we are planning our membership site for a niche community, a WP based membership software should do for 500-1000 active members. Don*t you think?

      An interesting fact about DAP is that it is not a classical WP plugin. It is a software that operates outside of Wordpress and syncs its data with WP. Do you think, that could lead to a better performance than other membership software like MemberPress, that is an integrated WP plugin. Or is it the other way round?

      Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks, mate!
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        Originally Posted by SilverSunrise View Post

        As we are planning our membership site for a niche community, a WP based membership software should do for 500-1000 active members. Don*t you think?
        Something is wrong with your monetization and business plan if you have to be struggling with a plugin for a year and cant afford to go in another direction despite havign 500-1000 members.

        No one here is going to be able to offer technical support for DAP. If you have a legal copy of the software then addressing your issues to the developers is your way forward.

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          Thanks for your frank words, Mike! In fact, we have started this project besides our daily business on an experimental basis. But you have a point, arguing that we have relied on a troublesome software for too long.

          Please don`t misunderstand my thread. I did not mean to get technical support here. I just hoped for some other DAP users that could have shared their experience with this software.
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