Error: you may be over quota: Bad file descriptor

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Hi Guys,

I am a SEO guy and do not have enough knowledge about web development and coding. So i need your help on the below mentioned problem.

Actually, I was just setting up a 301 redirection (in .htaccess file through cPanel) on 1 url on my site and found below error message while saving the file:

"you may be over quota: Bad file descriptor"

I did some Googled about this error and found some reasons/suggestions like: my disk is full, upgrading the existing hosting plan, remove some unnecessary files from the root and free some space, deactivate the plugins etc.

Thereafter, I removed the newly added line and save the file (old existing file) but still i am getting the same error message. Why I am getting this message if i did not add any extra word in the already existing files?.

I am just adding half line in the .htaccess file for 301 redirection and found this error message. Can adding a half line can also create this error?

Can I solve this issue in any other way (except the mentioned reasons/suggestions)?

What is the best way to solve this issue?

Do I need to follow the mentioned Reasons/Solutions only?

I need your help.

Frameworks: PHP
Web Server: Apache
Document Information: HTML5

waiting for your response.


Gajender Singh
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    You'll want to check your storage usage as well as iNode count. This error is related to quota.
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      Thanks for responding.

      But, what is the iNode count?
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        Originally Posted by Gajender Singh View Post

        Thanks for responding.

        But, what is the iNode count?
        iNodes are files that store metadata for other files on a Linux system. Typically, iNode limits are reached when you have too many files on your hosting account and many web hosts limit in the range of 200,000 to 600,000 iNodes on a hosting plan.

        You will need to contact your web host though, they should be able to help you determine the quota related issue whether you're hitting a disk space limit or if you'd met an iNode limit.
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    Usually an SEO is good at searching, well, search engines.
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    Possible Solutions

    1) Increase memory limit
    2) Plugin deactivation
    3) Change web hosting
    4) Upgrade web hosting plan.
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    The error could be caused by a number of things. So yes you will need to try all the suggested solutions you found when Googling the problem.

    No-one will be able to tell you a single solution that will fix this (except by sheer lucky guess).

    There is simply not enough information to do that specifically. And even what you explain my a not be 100% accurate. That is not an attack on you that is simply my experience from supporting end users for over 30 years

    Therefore you are likely to be given a number of possible solutions that may fix the issue and try out each one until the issue is resolved.

    From what you say you tried to edit a file (.htaccess). In practice mucking up .htaccess files can give you all sorts of problems. However if you restored the original file (which I don't think you did..I think you re-edited the same file back).

    So tip for the future: always make a copy of the .htaccess file before editing. That way you can be sure you have restored the original file if it all goes wrong.

    So assuming in this case you have reset everything back to as it was then the error message is saying you have exceeded your (hosting storage) quota.

    Even though you feel you have put things back as they were things like temp files etc. can have been added. Automatic updates may have happened in the background. And you don't know exactly when your hosting checks your quotas. It may not be instant but possibly scheduled every few hours.

    Also what type of hosting do you have:

    1.Shared/Unlimited hosting (a badly misnamed service by all host suppliers)
    2.A specific quota hosting. Maybe purchased from a reseller.
    3.VPN - Personal server with specific quota limits.
    4. Dedicated server -Personal server with specific quota limits.

    In 1. above you will have limits. There will be a "fair use/acceptable use" policy and that will set the limits and you will need to search your own host support for those limits. Of course you could raise a support ticket and ask them what that error means and what to do about it. They simply tell you the solution there and then.

    One of the things that catch most people out is the inode number. For Hostgator for instance it is max 100,000 (banned at 250,000).

    This basically means the number of files and folder on the server. That includes the system files, log files, temp files, images, html pages and everything else you can think of (and more). This is almost always the issue with over quota and is true for all hosting types except Dedicated Servers.

    To check for the number of files see your hosts support KB. Usually in cPanel.

    To fix that simply delete some unwanted files. This normally means you have too many web sites on one hosting account. Get another hosting account and move some of your web sites over to that.

    Most hosting packages will have a maximum disk quota (MB/GB size). When exceeded (or possibly within 10% of the max) you can star to get OVER QUOTA errors when trying to save files. The solution is as above. Move or remove files.

    Is this a WordPress site? If so then there is an outside chance that your change was co-incidental or that something youhave not mentioned has change the WO site in some way.

    With any WP site is it always worth following a default process to see where an issue may lay.

    99.99% of the time it is plugins. Either new/updated or out of date after a WP installation update.

    Easy check. Just rename the wp-content/plugins directory to pluginsSTOP (or similar). WP will now run without plugins. If error goes way then problem is a plugin).

    One other thought is that the memory for QWP site can be limited in the wp-config.php.
    The line in your wp-config.php will look something like this

    define( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M' );

    I think you would get a different error message but still worth checking if all else fails.
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