Can we implement the Two way sms communication in Bitrix24 using Twilio

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I want to implement two way sms communication in Bitrix24 using Twilio.

For example, in Twilio you can create a webhook for inbound messages. In this case when the user's Twilio number receives an inbound message Twilio can send the info to a bridge or helper app that would interface to Bitrix API. This helper app would match to Bitrix contacts on the sending phone number (thus being able to find the contact that sent the message) and would then log the the activity in that contact's info and would also raise some type of notification to the Bitrix user that an inbound message had been received. In the case of an MMS message with pictures, etc. attached we could likewise save the files to the Bitrix drive app and then log a link to the file in the contact's history along with the text message.

Is there any way I can implement this functionality.

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    Both platforms have REST APIs so there is no reason why you can't implement the needed functionality. Just read the respective documentation for the APIs in question to see what they support and then use your language of choice to connect the two.
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