How To Learn To Use APIs

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There are lots of places that offer APIs and I would like to lean how to harness them.

Where is a good resource for a non-programmer to learn how to use APIs, please?


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    If you are a non-programmer, you need to have at least some programming background, in order to write some code that uses APIs. I recommend Python, I don't know it myself, but I keep hearing that it is a simplified programming language to make programming easy for new developers.

    Next step is to find a website that offers an API and write some code that uses that API to display results or modify things.
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    Hey, dude, if u wanna integrate advertiser by API, U need to write some code to do it.
    And u also can find the third service about API integration, such as Apidge,
    The System has integrated more than 20 system. U also can supply a new system to them, they will integrate it in 30 minutes!
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    When you'll learn programming you'll understand how to use the API
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    I use Java (servlets) to develop a lot of tools using API resources. I think you really need a programming background to use API resources effectively. That said here is an article about APIs for non programmers- , which may be useful.

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    If u are smart, u have no need to go deeply in programming. Most names of functions talk about what they're created for, so step by step u can change any line the way u want. Use forums to ask and learn.
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    First, you need a sound knowledge of any programming language. And try to follow API development steps which are available online.
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    Every site is unique in Database structure. You should know basic of Programming and Database, so you can understand the concept of API. PHP is simple programming language if you know
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    very interesting topic
    i am in the same situation, but i have small programming background.
    thank you guys
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    You just have to get the response by providing suitable credentials and then just add logics to take the data out and show it.
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    You need to have some knowledge of the programming language you'll be using on the API. Some knowledge of basic programming concepts. Then once you have that find the API documentation to help guide you. Depending on the API documentation it might be easy to setup and use or difficult. Hopefully the one your looking at has really good documentation. Good luck.
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    Read their documentation
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    Check out Udemy courses
    Free Link & Click Tracking Software - Increase Profit by 33%.
    Free link tracking, Sales, Action & Engagement Tracking, CPA marketing, url rotator, A/B testing.
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    Use Postman (chrome plugin) and API documentation.
    It will take hardly 10 minutes to learn how RESTful API works
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    Ever API provider gives SDK for different programming languages. The documentation has clear instructions on how to use these SDKs to query API to get data. One has to familiarize with the API methods and then start coding.
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    just to follow up a question, why some ppl not using google maps api? any problem? check the maps they used
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    If you are not a developer, then API will be kind of hard to use knowledge. Reason for this is primary target of those API are developers, and not ordinary users. It's like command prompt. Is it convenient for you to use it? Or consider another example. In order to fix engine in your car you may need to have plenty of devices and potentially separate building. The same is with API. In order to benefit from usage of them start with learning some language, and you'll use them with one or two lines of code in that language.
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