Which is more lucrative android mobile app development or iOS app development?

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I am creating an app and I am in middle of brainstroming in between android or iOS app. Which is best for creating. Please tell me what is best!
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      I figure it out! the target area is developing countries and Android is the best option
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    I think Android programming is more lucrative
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    Originally Posted by Adamwill247 View Post

    I am creating an app and I am in middle of brainstroming in between android or iOS app. Which is best for creating. Please tell me what is best!
    App category is enterpise
    i see a guy on youtube who explain that Reskinng on IOS is more lucratif because Appl won't banne your account like it is on google play...but you can resarche more about that..
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    Why not you share that video that helps me and more people like me.
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    While comparing, I would recommend iOS ofcourse as we all know that iOS is consistent across all Apple devices, and easy to update when a new version comes out. iOS is a more secure operating system.
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    I prefer android as there is a wider market and make sure you get a .app url (I have four)!
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    Hi Adamwill247 !!

    I feel that the scope of android vs. iOS depends on which region you are in. For example: in the US the number of iOS users is bound to be more than the android users. Whereas, it's the opposite if you go to countries in South Asia.

    But still considering the brand Apple, and the revenue which you can earn after building an app on this platform is higher. So, in monetary terms battle of iOS vs. Android is in favor of iOS. This is the reason that many college graduates are pursuing iOS development training course. I hope my answer was of some help to you.

    You might want to dig a little deeper in the iOS vs Android issue.
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      Originally Posted by nerd geek View Post

      Hi Adamwill247 !!

      I feel that the scope of android vs. iOS depends on which region you are in. For example: in the US the number of iOS users is bound to be more than the android users.
      Android has more market share in the USA (over 25 percentage points) and globally.

      And it's not surprise. Think about it
      - how many phone/tablet brands are out there? (many)
      - how many of those brands use iOS?
      - how many use Android

      Add that to the fact that you can get an android phone very cheap compared to an iOS. So, of course, this alone is going to amount to higher market share for Android even in the USA. This is the same reason there are more Windows PCs than Mac in use.

      Almost everyone I know who started with iOS switched to Android either for price or because they got sick of Apple's BS .

      Overall, Apple products will usually always have lower market share because it is a closed brand. Whereas anyone can build and sell an Android device.

      Of course, none of this necessarily means you should start with Android first just because it has higher overall market share whether globally or regionally. You have to do research on the market for your specific type of app. If the market base for your app has a higher percentage of iOS users, well, then you have your answer which you should develop first. No one can truly answer your question in a beneficial manner since we have no idea who your niche market base is and what the market share of iOS vs Android is in that niche market base.

      However, ultimately, like others have said, you'll want your app to be compatible with both OSes because together they make the vast majority of the mobile market and they are neck-in-neck. Even if your market base has a higher percentage of, say, Android users, there are still plenty of iOS users in that market base that you will alienate if you only ever develop for Android. No bueno.
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        :-) you came with full statistics. anyways thanks. got to know something new.
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    According to the data, Android users are more, than the iOS users and if you really want your app to become popular and should be used by everyone. Then I think you should go with Android without any second thought.
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  • I have used both android and ios device. I would more recommend to develop app for android rather than ios.
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    Please take into account that your choice of a platform also influences the cost of app development. The main factor that determines whether you need to make an app for iOS or Android is the audience you would like to reach. Android and iOS platforms are different in terms of market share, a variety of devices and OS versions, and in terms of their technical implementation.

    There are fewer devices that run on iOS than on Android. This is why it is much more complicated to make an Android app that will work equally well on all Android devices. In this case, an additional decision you should make is what group of devices to target. A good market analysis will help you choose the best options.

    I suggest you should take a look at this article https://mlsdev.com/blog/53-how-much-...p-a-mobile-app to find out complete information on the cost of app creation and elements that make it up.
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    In such instances, the companies usually get a higher ROI, and we can say that Android software development is profitable for such businesses or companies. Intended for enterprises and large business organizations, there is no question of making money from Android application when they are developing programs for internal corporate use.
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    iOS is Best
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    Taking into consideration, the profitability of an App, it depends entirely on the audiences of the App and the usage. if the target user base is an iOS centric audience, you shall opt for iOS App or else the Android. Many a times in my career being a consultant i have been asked the same question by my clients and the answer is as simple as opt for the platform based on the analysis of the device utility by your target audience.
    Along with this, Apple Approval Process is very precise and it might can reject the App for not fulfilling the criteria defined. Thus, before moving ahead, one should learn these guidelines provided by the respective store and analyse if the app in subject will follow those or not!!
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  • Look friend, it depends on the location for which you are developing your app. If you are developing the app for developed countries then go for iOS and if it is for developing countries then develop it for Android.

    Wish you all the success my friend.
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    Android mobile app development is very easy and lucrative...
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    You can develop hybrid app by using cross platform.
    You can use Ionic, React Native like java script framework to do this... and of course it is more easier than native app development and now the world is rapidly shifting to those technologies..
    I hope the technology is moving fast and improving..
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    it is cheaper and easier develop on android
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    Hybrid development.
    Use Angular/IONIC
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    Choosing your app development platform: iOS of Android. By now you may have guessed that in general, it is more lucrative and easier to start developing apps for iOS because they earn more, you can get your app to market faster, and the cost of mobile app development is lower.
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