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Hello Warrior,

First of all, I wanna say, I am not a professional android apps developer. But anyhow I made an app for my blog. Youtube really help me to do that.

Let me tell you something about my app. It is a very simple static app and it contained some article from my blog. What I did, I simply create pages and put my article in the app. I used the android studio for it. I also put AdMob banner ads on the app. From my point of view, everything is ok now.

But I want to update it and here is the problem. I have seen may apps are dynamic and they have an option to login and those apps fetch data from the website. Those apps only usable when the internet is connected. Those app slowing many AdMob ads in this way. I know its not a violation from AdMob. If I directly fetch my data from the website into the apps and if my website having Adsend ads and if it displays in the Android app then its the policy violation from AdMob. So those app developers maybe filter the Adsense code and only showing the content from the website with AdMob ads on the live app.

The last couple of days I was looking for a solution but did not found any. Now can you show me the way how can I do it myself?

Here is the link of my app
And I want to make an app or update my app like this app.

Thanks in Advance!
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