Is there a pre-made script or can aWeber do this?

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Greetings Fellow Warriors!

I have a simple service where a subscriber submits data via an online form.

As the admin, I review it and then submit most of the data to my programmer.

After his work is complete, he submits me a form (report) which contains the data for the subscriber. This data first goes to me for review, then I forward to the client.

The form is a PDF-based document so it can easily be modified.

The transaction part is separate so none of that data is needed to be integrated.

My purpose is to streamline the data and job assignment. Right now, I am the "middle" guy that is getting bogged down with transferring data to the right person.

Not sure if there is already a pre-made script or if aWeber can handle this.

Any ideas out there?

Thanks in advance---

Michael Cruz
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