Top Mobile App Development Frameworks

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What are the top 10 mobile app development frameworks?
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    Recently read an article on hackernoon on this question. According to it, the best mobile app development framework is with no doubt Ionic. The author put it in the first place claiming that apart from other benefits such as cross-platform nature or ease of adoption, Ionic has one the lowest development costs (which is a great benefit for startups).
    However, in my personal opinion, React Native is better. It's faster in deployment and is based on JSX, so the developers don't need to learn any additional programming languages. So, all in all using React Native speeds up the whole development process.

    Hope my answer could help.
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      What about the performance of the generated app though? Is it indistinguishable from natively built apps?
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    Nowadays, working in a hybrid mobile app development makes life easier for developers as they are able to write once and build mobile applications that run on the main platforms with no extra effort. There are many frameworks for mobile app development such as

    Ionic Framework
    JQuery Mobile
    DEW(Developer Efficientcy WorkBench)
    React Native
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    I used Jquery Mobile and I would recommend this one.
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    I'll recommend Ionic, React Native, Xamarin and PhoneGap
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    While working in a reputable app development company MobInspire, without any doubt I can say Ionic is the best app development framework as it is easy to adopt, enables cross-platform app development, and low cost. Other few excellent app development frameworks include Phonegap, Xamrin, and React Native.
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  • Some notable tools, which alleviate the complexities of coding and provide a complete framework with library, are:

    • Android Studio
    • Eclipse
    • Fabric
    • AVD Manager

    • XCod
    • Appcode
    • Rx-Swift
    • codeRunner
    • TestFlight
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    The top 10 mobile app development frameworks are
    1. Ionic
    2. PhoneGap
    3. Xamarin
    4. React Native
    5. Corona SDK
    6. jQuery Mobile
    7. Intel XDK
    8. Flutter
    9. Mobile Angular UI
    10. Appcelerator Titanium
    as per Alex Hales from Hackernoon.
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    • Profile picture of the author Chris X
      Intel XDX is no longer available. It was based on PhoneGap.

      Ionic is also based on PhoneGap.

      PhoneGap does not come with a mobile user interface, so you have to select a UI framework or DIY one.

      JQuery Mobile is just a UI framework kind of like Bootstrap, so it also requires PhoneGap to build a hybrid mobile app.
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  • Profile picture of the author Andrii Ozemko
    I am voting for Xamarin. This Framework is used for native applications development (not for websites). The main advantage is time and money If you want to develop an application for Android and iOS, Xamarin can help to save up to 30% of budget.
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    The top mobile app frameworks in 2019 are-Ionic ,PhoneGap,Corona SDK,React Native,jQuery Mobile , Intel XDK,Mobile Angular UI ,Flutter,Appcelerator Titanium ,Xamrin etc
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  • Profile picture of the author Ruth Taylor
    Top 10 mobile application framework in 2019-20 are as follows

    1. React Native
    2. Flutter
    3. Ionic
    4. Xamarin
    5. Adobe PhoneGap
    6. Corona SDK
    7. JQuery Mobile
    8. Intel XDK
    9. Native Scripts
    10. Mobile Angular UI
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