I have 146 products on Clickbank - need new multi product script

by qiman
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Hi everyone,

I've been doing this a long time - have 146 products in Clickbank and you probably have no idea who I am because I market only to my own network but want to change that. Been a member here for years, but don't recall ever posting.

Anyway, I've been using Adrian Ling's EZBiztools software packages Easy Clickmate (multi product software) and Easy Clickguard (encrypted login for customers) but it seems he disappeared off the face of the Earth.

It worked perfect - I have about 6 CB accounts, but my main one, I have 146 products in there - about 100 unique individual products and the other 46 ballpark are combo packages. The software worked 99% perfect most of the time and if not, Adrian's customer support and ability to fix glitches, etc. was top notch!

I'm looking for new software to fill my needs if anyone knows of any. I upgraded php and realized it didn't work with those programs so reverted back at least for that website.

It needs to be compatible with php 7.3, mysqli preferably and not sure what else, but I just paid for a year for a new upgraded server so feel like I'm starting fresh.

Any help that anyone can give me with a reference to similar software to manage multiple products with Clickbank would be greatly appreciated.
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    Assuming you're making good sales, you're probably clickbank platinum - just post this in the CB Platinum FB group, somebody in there will more likely know than somebody in the WF

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    Thanks, I reached out to a few FB CB groups.

    If I can't get some acceptable software, I might have to do my own affiliate system through Wordpress.

    I like being able to give out my own url custom links rather than Clickbanks and I need the encrypted download link login system. All the analytics in Adrian's software really isn't needed since CB has enough of its own. Really just needs to be bare bones.

    Anyone know what affiliate plugins for wordpress work best & pros cons?
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    Depending on your hosting you can apply different versions of php to the different folders.
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    I never come here but just saw this.

    My solution to CB is:

    Clickbank is garbage - haven't reached a human being in 3 years after being a Platinum publisher, etc. I'm yanking all my products off of CB and have put all products into my own wordpress woo commerce site with my own affiliate program. Published over 150 products on CB - they don't care about anyone who has been with them for years.

    All the books/vids are digital downloads. Some on Amazon but mostly digital.

    I'd post my homepage link but not sure if that's permitted.
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