Best programming language for API bot?

by ArielT
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I would like to know which would be the best programming language for a bot that would have the task of buying domains using the domain registrar API trying many times per second

There is competence for this so I should be fast

I think something simple could work because is for personal use, so I could insert the domain manually in the code to make it more simple

I'm only familiar with web design code but not with programming code
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    I heard about two languages (1) Python (2) PHP. These two languages are most familiar for an API Bot.

    Here I want to suggest If you are not familiar with coding then you need to consult with the expert API bot builder.
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    Python is used mostly for its simplicity. I think it is the best programming language for API bot.
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  • Hello
    In my opinion, Python is the best programming language for API bot handling. It has a straightforward syntax and it's object-oriented. It is also one of the most widely used programming languages in the field of Artificial Intelligence.AIl chatbots are easy to write in Python.
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    Whatever is easiest for you. Probably python. Performance won't be a factor since you'll probably get rated limited by the registrar so just use whatever is easiest.
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    Usually, Python is used. Pretty much the best set of already existing API libraries to use.

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    +1 for Python even though I don't really use it. PHP is NOT an ideal language for this sort of thing, even though I have used it for stranger things...

    Python has a very useful library called Scrapy which is great for writing bots and things like that. There's BeautifulSoup as well which is more focused on interacting with HTML/XML content. They ought to help with writing an application like this.

    Having said all that a member of my family works at a company that buys up car license plates in a very similar way, and their bots are written in C# which is obviously more than powerful enough for this sort of application - in other words, use whatever you find easiest .

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    Thank you guys for your replies

    So it seems that Pyhton or C#

    Anyways if someone else wants to give advice too is welcome
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    I am coding on Delphi XE )
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    Python is the most loved of chatbot developers worldwide. Apart from python clojure is also being widely used
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    Yes for Python. Don't try anything else.
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    Agree, Python is your best bet. Both AI, Neural networks and API is where you won't go wrong with it.
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