Amazon Product Advertising API new version (PAAPI5) - anyone migrated?

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So if you don't know this, you should! Amazon's Product Advertising API is moving to a new version 5 (referred to as PAAPI5). You would be forgiven for not knowing this since they never sent out any notifications that I know of.

Supposedly they intend to deprecate previous versions and one deadline has already come and gone for this - currently the talk is of end of January, though I personally very much doubt that they will go ahead with it, as long as a significant proportion of users are still using the old API.

Briefly, the new API uses JSON, not XML, and it WILL require a big rewrite of all your stuff if you are using it.

The official forum is useless, there are no official responses to bugs, no-one you can ask about anything, there are various bugs and limitations people are running into and in short you'd have to be crazy to migrate with such a lack of information forthcoming - I certainly won't be.

Just wondering if anyone else has any feedback on the migration process, someone who has done it?

The radio silence out there, you'd think no-one was using the Amazon API?! Perhaps we can help each other out here?
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    I'm pretty sick to my stomach on this as a plugin (Covert Content) I bought & use on several of my sites obviously is using the PA API 4.0. based on the email below I got from Amazon. Gary Martino is the person who took over the Covert Content, Covert Store Builder & Covert PinPress products sold on JVZoo & more or less disappeared. Support desk... gone. Website to download purchases or updated products... gone.

    These were popular top selling products on JVZoo at one time so many people are in the same situation as myself.

    Hello associate,

    This is a reminder that you must complete the upgrade to Amazon's Product Advertising API version 5.0 (PA API 5.0) by March 9, 2020. We have identified that in the past 30 days at least one of your applications was making calls to PA API 4.0.
    PA API 5.0 is a more simple, granular, and consistent API that enables you to quickly and easily link your content to Amazon.
    Key Features & Changes
    • Access information about the latest offers and products in the entire Amazon product database/catalog, such as Prime discounts, multi-currency formats, and shipping eligibility
    • Newer, improved ways to get the most relevant and up to date product information
    • Rapid integration and easier development with lower engineering cost through use of popular tools and languages
    You may continue to use both PA API 4.0 and PA API 5.0 without disruption through March 9, 2020. After that date, we will shut down PA API 4.0, and any application calling it will no longer be able to retrieve Amazon product information.
    Click here for more information on PA API 5.0. To upgrade to PA API 5.0, please follow BOTH of the two steps below:
    1. Migrate your AWS account to a Product Advertising API account, if you have not done so already.
    2. After completing step 1, upgrade each of your applications to PA API 5.0, as per the details here.
    If you have further questions or problems with the upgrade, please contact us here and include your Store ID.

    Sincerely, The Amazon Associates Program
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      Originally Posted by wentzco View Post

      These were popular top selling products on JVZoo at one time so many people are in the same situation as myself.
      Sounds like an opportunity to get a hold of a programmer, and then a simple re-brand
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Just updated my news service PAAPI4 tools to PAAPI5. I use Java servlet technology (without) the SDK. I had a couple of issues however worked them out. Mostly to do with the new signing procedures.

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