Diagnose cause of page flicker - use css to space?

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I have a website here: <<link removed by moderator since it appears the problem is fixed>>

Notice the Quick Search field at the top. When I load or refresh the page, everything loads fine, but then the Quick Search field suddenly appears and then pushes down the rest of the content. I don't like the aesthetic of that.

Is there any solution for this? Can you use css or something to keep that space for the Quick Search there before it suddenly pushes the content down?
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    Looks like you fixed it already, not seeing any flicker...

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      Originally Posted by Ekushey View Post

      Looks like you fixed it already, not seeing any flicker...
      Its not "Fixed" because there never was an issue, they are just trying to outsmart someone so they can leave a link
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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    I've removed the search addon now, since feedback from forum members was not positive.

    As for the other persons cynicism, I have over 11K incoming links. I'm not going to waste my time doing that.

    (link removed - again - by moderator)
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