I want to add cool things to my articles without plugins like Elementor.

by fin
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I would like to add cool things to my articles to make them appear nicer. Things like:

Green pros and red cons
and just other cool stuff to be honest.

Would I be able to do this if I learned HTML5 and CSS3?

Or maybe it would take JavaScript and PHP.

I would just rather add the clean code myself rather than use sluggish plugins like Elementor that could disappear at any second.

Thank you!
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    Where do you plan to host them? On your own web site? Or on some other platforms?
    Questions of hosting affects what you can use. If you own your own hosting, then you can use html5, css3 and javascript/php. But if you want to write articles, and push them on some other sites you will face following limitations:
    1. PHP is not supported everywhere, and there are a lot of changes, that you'll not be allowed to publish there your php.
    2. A lot of platforms don't allow to publish javascript.

    So safest way is html5+css3. If you want to make it mobile friendly, then use bootstrap4 which is in essence css3 library, but polished for mobile platforms.
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    Yes, just on my own website on my hosting.

    Thanks, I'll look more into Bootstrap4 too.
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