Developer or designer?

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Would you rather be a master developer who can design, or a master designer who can code?
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    master developer
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    A master editor who can write. There are so many sites in need of a major analysis but, sadly, many hate being told they have errors.

    Cheers, Laurence. Read my Warriors for Hire ad.
    Writer/Editor/Proofreader. Place orders.

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    Design and Copywriting. Developer is the easiest to outsource as long as you can effectively communicate your design vision.
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    design more effective
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    Tough questions I think a master developer probably has more opportunity. I am sort of ok at both which doesn't get me much!
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    Originally Posted by WF- Enzo View Post

    Would you rather be a master developer who can design or a master designer who can code?
    If you are speaking as an expert on a specific segment of digital marketing then I will suggest becoming a developer and focusing on the web development segment. But if you wanted to become a digital marketing manager who knows how to manage all the digital marketing properties then I will suggest becoming a web designer who knows how to make changes required for effective a/b split testing. You cannot learn everything so learn enough so you can do all your task without relying on others...

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    Master developer who can design.

    I'll solve your PHP, MySQL, WordPress or any website or server related problems.
    Hire me on at an affordable rate with fast turnaround time.

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    personally, I am a frontend developer and also a UX/UI specialist. Developing is quite easy and achievable whereas designing needs some kind of creative cognition to be able to interpret situations or words into design work.
    So, I do both.
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    master designer who can code
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    Pick whatever you're best at! There are infinite opportunities for great designers and great developers, and the lines are getting blurred by the year.
    Don't pick the "optimum" skillset based on someone else's opinion.
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    Master designer, I think
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    That's very interesting question I must say. Let me see, best role to choose really depends on a person's strengths and preferences. If I enjoy both the technical and creative aspects of development, then becoming a master developer may be the best choice for me. Typically, both of these roles come with a unique set of skills and benefits. As a master developer, I will have the ability to not only design but also code my own creations. This would give me a greater level of control over my projects and the ability to bring my vision to life exactly as I imagine it.

    On the other hand, being a master designer would allow you to focus solely on the creative aspect of development. I would have the freedom to explore different design concepts and create beautiful, innovative solutions.

    I hope that answers the question properly!


    Adam F, I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. -Thomas Edison

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    I would like to be a master developer rather than a master designer because it might be easier for the developer to design but it is quite difficult for the designer to code and in many cases designer doesn't know how to code but the scope of learning how to designing is way easier for the developer.
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    It depends what i like .I think nothing its more special somr people like the first option and others the second one
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    i will prefer master developer who can design
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    master developer who can design - if i can be a pro coder then lil bit of design idea can help a lot
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    I think I would rather be a developer first, because it is more marketable and pays much higher.

    Looking for designer jobs is a lot more difficult because the competition is more brutal and the pay is lower.

    Both are definitely respectable careers!
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    The Web Development landscape changes very frequently and requires constant investment in learning and growth. It all depends on your personality and what interests you most. There's no sense in becoming a master of something if you're not interested in it. Conversely, design is lower barrier to entry, but this more competition.

    As someone with 14+ years of experience doing both web development and design... I don't care about being the "best" or "master" developer. I have a breadth of experience and can now hire and manage the "best" developers instead of me doing all the work.

    Having a good creative eye for design will never go out of style, and will be useful in many areas of life.
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    Of course the second option - indubitably.

    Designing in my opinion is much more difficult than coding. I faced coding several times in my life and I have dozens of friends who are developers, they claim they work quite easily. It's tough to master code, of course, like any other activity, because mastering a particular activity must be a final goal of all the people.

    There are professional coders, but they have been coming to this goal for many many years. As for designing, then for me the revelation of color combinations, various styles seem to me more difficult, because design is a super individual thing unlike developing.
    Anyway, all the people have their own opinion on this matter and there is no correct answer, just a tricky question.
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    Coder, it's much much profitable. It's easy to learn design...
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      Debug lines of code, or design a website from scratch?

      Originally Posted by Artes View Post

      Coder, it's much much profitable. It's easy to learn design...
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    I want to be a master designer like Design Spartans
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