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Hey everybody,

Do you know of anyone who can create a PayPal script to make the buttons bigger? The PayPal buttons are teeny-tiny and get lost on my site.

Anyone know how to take the paypal script and integrate it into a bigger, more attention getting button?
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    Is it a PayPal hosted button?
    Did you know you can enter your own image URL at "Create PayPal payment button" page ?
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    Yes, you don't have to use the payment buttons that Paypal gives you. You can design your own "Buy Now" graphic and use that instead.
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      Also when you are creating the button at PayPal you can choose to use your own button. It then gives you a spot to enter the url of the button you want to use.

      Simply insert...download and get to selling!

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        Are you trying to put that paypal code into a Wordpress site?
        If you are, when you see the code for your button while at paypal, use the code for email instead of for the website.

        Put a image you like from paypal on your site and than using the link button, link the email code to the picture you got from paypal.

        I'm using Wordpress and that's the only way I was able to do it without my button being way, way, way, too small!

        Good Luck!


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