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I have a client whose site is asp. They want to move to a host running Apache and they also want to be able to add some content as html files.

Is it a small site, 20 or asp pages. Can the asp converted to html easily?

If yes, anyone here want to do it?

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    ASP is like PHP, which is dynamic. You can't convert the ASP to HTML UNLESS the pages are just normal HTML with little to no ASP in it.

    If it is a more dynamic site, ZIP up the files, and I can convert them to PHP for you.
    Or you can ask the new host if their Apache can run ASP files.
    Such as Apache::ASP

    If you ZIP them up, send them to webmaster [at] tylerperroux.com and ill be back with them pretty quick, about 8 hours.(7am CDT to 11pm CDT).
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    Just to add what m4rx has said..

    ASP need to be run on a WEBSERVER in order to show things up properly as it is DYNAMIC and it is generated when requested (most of the times).. But html file is static and can be opened in just webbrowser on our computer also and it shows up the same way as it is opened from a webserver..

    To be more clear.. If you open asp and html files from server on to local machine.. If we open asp file in webbrowser, it won't show up properly.. But if we open html files it would look the same as it on webserver (provided all scripts and images are available on local machine)

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    That is interesting. I know that I can create asp files in Dreamweaver, though I have never tried, I kind of wonder how one goes about previewing the results. I suppose then you can't. I assume the asp file must be uploaded to the webserver for proofing. Yes, No?

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      Is it .asp or .aspx? ASP is pretty old. Not saying it wouldn't be, but most sites written in the past eight years in ASP would actually have been ASP.NET, which is different.
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    The name of the site mcstrucks.com. The site is not new.

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