Watching An .AVI File From A Server?

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Is it possible to upload a .avi file and watch the video from the url?

If the uploaded .avi file does not start from the url is there anything you can do to make the video start and viewable from simply typing in the url of the .avi file.
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    Yes, Windows Media player will play the url after it downloads it. However, why would you use avi? it is the biggest video file. If need be You tube will convert it to flv for you. I would recommend a smaller format. I prefer flv.
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      I need a video that will open in full screen. The video would not be public and it does open and the screen stays black stating it is waiting on the video and it will not start.

      Any suggestions?

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        Is this on your PC or everyone's? Could be a codec problem on your PC. Media Player is famous for getting the codec hosed by smaller video programs.
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          And on top of that you can control how the flv opens with your <embed> options.
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