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Hi, now as simple as this may be how do you get the jpg image on my dreamweaver html page to show up when I upload to my FTP server, so that when my html page shows up how do I make the image show up, the image is saved as jpg in dreamweaver.
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    1.You need to create a folder, then name the folder (images) or something similar

    2.Put the all your images for the website in that folder

    3.Link to those images in your html editor it should look like this


    place h t t p : / / without spaces just before YOURWEBSITE

    The path you have is most likely linking to the file on your computer where the image has been selected from! Look in you html code for somthing like:


    Now Change it to the website name and path as shown above!

    4.And last, the image folder you have created and placed your images in - upto it to your server along with your html pages.

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    I have sent a PM

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    Sounds like your images are not getting uploaded to your FTP server.

    Usually when you upload a HTML file Dreamweaver will ask you if you want to upload the dependant files also and any related images to that file should get uploaded if you say yes to that question.
    If you don't get prompted for that questions from Dreamweaver do the following
    Go to Edit, Preferences, Site. Checkmark Dependent files Prompt on put /check in.

    You can also upload any files independently from the side panel.
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      I would get into the habit of using an FTP software (also known as FTP client). It will be useful for you in the long-run. A good one I have been using for quite some time is called FileZilla. It is free and very simple to use.

      As for your image issue, using such app would allow you to physically see whether your file has made it to the server or not.

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        Hi there,

        Some ftp clients are a bit touchy and inconsistent. I suggest FilaZila as well.

        In dreamweaver, instead of dragging the image (after you appropriately created an "images" folder under your root in the exact way you would create a "css" folder and make sure it's a folder; not a file)... try using the point image tool right beside the image src box. Drag the pointer to the appropriate image and then go your ftp client. First, make sure all your images are in the folder UNDER the root and transfer those to the server (try one at a time if it doesn't work when you transfer the entire folder. Then, after the images are on the server, put the rest of the pages on the server, one by one. I know its easier to ctrl+all and put them all at once, but like I said, some ftp clients are touchy and weird!

        I hope this helps, let me know if you have success, if not, I wouldn't mind calling and walking you through some options...

        We've been through a lot together; Mr. Dreamweaver and I!

        Bethany Taylor :: vintage-mod.com
        Affiliate Manager- Bloosky.com
        AIM & Skype: bethanytbloosky

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