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Help! My Twitter account got suspended, because they won't allow any follow/unfollow tools. I've got 10,000+ followers a day and there is no way to manage that manually, I don't care what they say. Have you ever tried to unfollow 300 people out of 10,000 manually - it's not fun!

So I'd like to program the Twitter API. This is NOT for creating a web page - I have no desire to do it, because, for one thing, Twitter is shutting almost all of those down.

Can someone point me to tutorials/links, etc. that show how to manually program the Twitter API? I'm looking for the most simple way possible - maybe Curl I would guess? I know a little VB as well.

Btw, I've read about curl and I don't even understand how to install this bad boy.

Also, this needs to be free...Thx again...
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    There are lots of sample code online on how to program with Twitter API. To save us posting backwards and forwards, just tell us what programming language you're happy using and we will try and point you to some sample code.

    Good luck
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    This would be a good place to start - Twitter API Wiki / Libraries

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      I am sending messages automatically to twitter using pycurl (curl interface from Python).

      If you would like just to send a message you should do something like that:

      curl -u mytwitterusername:mypassword -d status="the server is up!" ht tp://twitter.com/statuses/update.json
      I guess that follow and unfollow things are just as easy - but apiwiki does not respond at this moment and I can not check this.

      Remove the space between "ht tp" of course - I am not able to post links.

      Good luck!
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    You can use this library: Yedda Dev Blog Twitter .NET / C# Library

    And VB.NET to do what you want - VB - is fairly easy to learn.

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    So you're one of those JERKS that autofollows thousands of people just so you can get your spam message across? Why should we help you?
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