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I have a directory that does pretty well. I would like to make some money with it. I willing to pay someone to monitise it for me. Looking for suggestions and prices. visit Quality Web Directory and let me know.

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    I've got about 10-12 link directories that I own and they have been up for quite a few years, and I have tried all forms of advertising on them.
    Nothing has worked!

    The most amount of money I;ve made off my directories has been via adsense, but we are only talking $2-$5 per day! Nothing to write home about!

    Most of my traffic is not visitors looking for more information, but seem to be people looking for some place to submit a link.

    Is that the same with you?

    If most of your visitors don't come from Google, Yahoo or Bing, then I'd stick to selling links (could use text-link-ads.com) as another revenue stream as well..

    Apart from that, I have no good ideas for you at all

    Take care

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      Exactly, and most additions to the site is from auto submitters. So tell me, what it the benefit to owning a directory?
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        Originally Posted by bwtech4 View Post

        So tell me, what it the benefit to owning a directory?
        A place to drop your own links into. Thats the only reason we do it..

        The more link directories you have the more links you have..

        Take care

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    if your link directory had a lot of surfer traffic, you could easily monetize it.. that's where u want to be.

    u may need to start seo'ing the directory site, to draw in targeted se traffic that benefits those submitting links, and yourself.

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